Community-Based Monitoring Network (CBMN) Mobile Application

Client: Nunavut Wildlife Management Board (NWMB)
Duration:  June 2011 – Ongoing

Technology:  C#, C++, Mobile Application (Windows OS)

In June 2011, Noreca and IMG-Golder were contracted by the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board (NWMB) to design and implement a Community-based Monitoring Network (CBMN) pilot study for three communities in Nunavut.  The purpose of the CBMN pilot study was to assess the future feasibility of expanding the design to a large-scale study in additional Nunavut communities. Our project team is laying the framework required to achieve a Nunavut-wide CBMN by training of local harvesters and clerks in data collection and management techniques, establishing communication media, and developing data management protocols. To date, our project team has trained over 40 harvesters and 6 data clerks in three Nunavut communities (Sanikiluaq, Arviat and Cambridge Bay) who are taking ownership of the CBMN at the local level. Harvesters are using hand-held electronic units to record travel routes, wildlife harvests and observations; weather conditions are also documented while out on the land. Data clerks are trained to download the data, verify the information through digital photographs collected by the harvesters, and maintain the local database. These data are available through an online portal (with restricted access).

For field data collection Noreca developed a tri-lingual, GPS-enabled mobile application that allows harvesters to collect harvest and observation data while traveling on the land. In addition to GPS waypoint features it allows users to take geo-tagged photos and audio messages for recording traditional knowledge. Output files are stored on the device and can be automatically or manually uploaded to a web-based database once hunters return to their home community. The mobile application is available in three languages: English, Inuktitut, and Inuinnaqtun and runs on Windows Mobile 6.5. The mobile device ‘Mesa’ used for deployment is an ultra-rugged, hand-held field computer provided in collaboration with US-based Juniper Systems, one of the world leaders in ultra-rugged field computers.